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It’s my birthday and I’ll eat cake if I want to!

[tweetmeme source=”fairycakemother”] Cake. MMMMM. It’s my birthday today. I’m celebrating with a lovely mid-week weekend with my OH in the glorious city of Bath. We’re having afternoon tea with the delightful Fiona Davies of Flame Interiors and then my birthday dinner is being hosted in the countryside home of illustrator and modeller, Anthony Hitchcock. I’m … Continue reading

Breakfast cookies (networking cookies)

[tweetmeme source=”fairycakemother”] Yes, cookies for breakfast. These are fat free, refined sugar free and have fruit and oats to give you both a quick boost to get you going and sustained energy for the morning ahead. I took them to a morning networking meeting where they went down a treat. Don’t worry, if you don’t … Continue reading

Guest post: How to shoot food photography, part 2

[tweetmeme source=”fairycakemother”] Today, we have part two of a two-part guest post from creative photographer, Samantha Higgs To continue…. [part 1 is here] 3. Arranging the food It may sound obvious, but try to arrange the food in a pleasant and interesting fashion. If it’s a single large item, set it at an angle rather … Continue reading

Morello cherry pudding cake

[tweetmeme source=”fairycakemother”] I love a really moist cake and this one is a doozy. Bursts of flavourful cherry, lush juice, a light cake with a cinnamon finish on the tongue. Yummy. We won’t mention that it’s low fat, low sugar and high fibre. This is a cake with a LOT of portions. That’s because it … Continue reading

Lavender scones: my story of catering for a vegan wedding reception

[tweetmeme source=”fairycakemother”] My friend was getting married. Yay! Two days to go and the venue was changed and I’m doing the catering solo on a tiny budget. Yikes! I’m an experienced cook but being solely responsible for a wedding reception was a new experience and a rather nerve wracking one. My first decision was to … Continue reading

Quinoa soda bread

[tweetmeme source=”fairycakemother”] Since St Patrick’s Day in Ireland last week, I’ve wanted to make soda bread. It’s so quick to make, healthy, filling, and inexpensive. You can have a loaf on the table in 50 minutes, including baking time. I’ve got a bag of organic quinoa flour in my kitchen cupboard at the moment so … Continue reading

Guest post: How to shoot food photography, part 1

[tweetmeme source=”fairycakemother”] Today, we have part one of a two-part post from creative photographer, Samantha Higgs. Food photography. It’s an established myth that you can only get half-decent results if you have a full studio bedecked with the latest, greatest equipment. The truth, happily, is rather more encouraging, and I speak as a professional. 1. … Continue reading

Chocolate silk pie for Pi Day

[tweetmeme source=”fairycakemother”] It’s another ‘day’! I appreciate it’s 3 posts in a row. How could I not tell you about this luscious chocolate silk pie though? Hop on over to Annie’s Eats for photos and the recipe – here. And for the pi, here’s a fabulous cartoon I love from the excellent xkcd.   If … Continue reading

Home made brownie kit testing has commenced

[tweetmeme source=”fairycakemother”] I’m planning a range of home made kits. The same ingredients like you’d have in your own kitchen, in a mix. Our home made shortbread kit is already available on Etsy here. And today I started testing the brownie mix. The first batch is in the oven… can’t wait for them to finish … Continue reading

Mardi Gras King Cake for Fat Tuesday

[tweetmeme source=”fairycakemother”] Yesterday was Fat Tuesday, the high point of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Traditionally, King Cake is baked – a yeasted sweet bread with a cinnamon, sugar and butter filling and decorated with brightly coloured sugars. Now we’ve finished the pancakes in the UK for Shrove Tuesday, why not try making King Cake? … Continue reading