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Talking about cakes for ‘people who can’t make cakes’

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Today I met up with fantasy artist Nikki Wynne at London Anime Con. Nikki is a fairly new talent on the scene but since I’ve known her since she was age 2 weeks (I feel old!) I’d gone down to have a good natter for pure girly catch up purposes.

Since most of my conversations end up on the topic of cake, it wasn’t long before we were talking away about all manner of cake related activities. Why custard goes wrong. How to make an easy bread and butter pudding and how her mum and her can’t make cakes but her sister can.

I’m a natural at baking so I appreciated her feedback and input. I work hard at trying to include details in my writing that cookery books don’t tell you so at least you can have a good guess at why something went wrong when it does (happens to us all) and whether it was the recipe, an oversight, your oven… I have a fan oven I am not used to and I’m constantly having near misses – and I’ve been baking for over 25 years!

I have a category called Easy for recipes I hope folks who aren’t practised at making cakes can use and be successful. I do have recipes here that are easy to make if you were with someone experienced (crystallised ginger for example). I can simplify some recipes if there is anything complicated you fancy a crack at – just make a comment.

Now, get baking šŸ™‚ I’m off to find an easy cake to post about! Any requests, Nikki?


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3 thoughts on “Talking about cakes for ‘people who can’t make cakes’

  1. Mmmm, victoria sponge, of course! Or that delicious sounding crystallised ginger, perhaps? :3

    Posted by Nikki Wynne | February 6, 2011, 11:56 pm

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