Baking lessons to baking parties…..

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Baking lessons £100 for a 3 hour one to one afternoon session in your own kitchen including all ingredients (book here).

Girls-night-in baking parties £30pp including all ingredients. Guests will go home with their baking beautifully wrapped. Birthday ladies, or the recipient of a special celebration, will have a gift hand baked and wrapped especially (book here).

Children’s baking parties or after-school activity £80 per 2 hour party. Host a baking party for your child’s birthday or special occasion. Children can make traditional cupcakes or buns or be grown up and make chocolate shortbread. Maximum of 5 children.

Baking-obsessed teenager? Bespoke baking tutorials to develop their skills or a teenage baking party for birthdays and end of exams celebration or special occasion. £80 per 2 hour party (maximum 5) or £100 for one to one 3 hour tutoring.

London only. Please contact us if you’re in the home counties as we may have availability. Please contact us with what you need.


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